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International Tax

Our highly qualified team of tax specialists have plenty of relevant experience in guiding clients through the complexities of international tax issues.

Whether you are arriving in the UK or leaving, either permanently or for a short period, we can help determine your tax residence and the consequences this will have.

Our work includes advising non-residents who are disposing of capital assets, both in the UK and overseas. If you are non-domiciled, we can assist with whether the remittance advice is appropriate for you and offshore trust planning and, if you are taxed in more than one country on the same income or capital gains, we can help with double taxation relief. With our extensive knowledge of trust taxation, we can also guide UK resident beneficiaries of non-UK resident trusts on how to remain compliant with the new trust taxation rules.

If you are considering a move to or from the UK, please get in touch for an initial discussion on how we can support you.