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Max Davies

Name: Max Davies

Date joined Lang Bennetts: June 1997 – feels like June 1897!

Qualifications and experience: City and Guilds Horticulture – Phase 1, Health and Hygiene, Gymnastics Stage 1.

Sector specialisms (if any): Sage and IT but they’re not really isms.

Outside interests: Fishing, camping, travelling, socializing, football, pub quizzes, knitting, photography, bird watching, homemade slot cars, painting, UFO’s, vampires, fires, astrology and lure making.

Interesting fact about yourself: Won a national competition when I was nine in the Daily Express to win an Airfix model of the Space Shuttle. Lived in America for six months when I was 15 and met Ringo Starr at Heathrow Airport. My right thumb is double jointed. Recently had my picture in Sea Angling magazine after catching a 5lb bass on a homemade lure. Can see in the dark.